C Reyes

I am a full stack ux designer looking for my next chance to learn more about your users and how I can partner with them to enhance your product.


I love the journey of end to end design – research, talking to users, the creative process, and finally, the polished end product.



“... detail oriented throughout the design process and always considered the full scope of use cases... remained calm and level headed during our short-turn deadlines.”

Director of UX at GLG
Scott Scheff Director of UX at The Garrigan Lyman Group

“... great at working with developers and understanding their limitations to ensure that the designs come to fruition without losing quality. ”

Lead Developer at Provoke Solutions
Ivan Sued Lead Developer at Provoke Solutions

“... strengths lie in efficiency, ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously, to work independently with little supervision, to meet deadlines, to collaborate ... to complete projects...”

Senior Designer at Blue Nile
Stephanie Ward Senior Designer at Blue Nile